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I am going through a rough patch and was looking for some advice. I had recently lost a loved one and was experiencing weird things like footsteps on the stairs when no one was there. So I googled psychic readings and found http://m.spiritnow.com Claimed to offer a free reading on their website if I punch in a code 627501. Yet when I called them, they wanted$80 for 30 minutes with a master psychic or $30 for 30 minutes with a less expensive... Read more

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I talked to quaysha she basically asked a lot of questions I was alarmed at how she wasn't able to dig at anything specific I basically told a story but got no answers a waist of money I thought I was supposed to get a reading not therapy Read more

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I believe not only was i overcharged, i was charged incorrectly. Not only was i doing most of the talking about my life the psychic did not knowwhat she was talking about.i feel cheated and robbed and didnt felt being helped at all. In the beginning it said i was going to be charge$10 an hr an 1 hr and 37 min to be exact telling her my life story for only to be agreed by total stranger telling me what i already know, i am unsatisfied with this... Read more

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I google them and it was 50/50 how accurate they are.I decided to try to see how they work,they give me psyhic which you have to pay 40$plus 5 min free.She ask me a lot of question,psyhichs suppose to know your sitation and not ask you questions and then making whole story which you already know.I do not recommend this to nobody,those are fakes,because true psyhics will saw your past,present and future without asking too much question.Do not go... Read more

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